The Truck Box
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Fitting the Truck box to your vehicles right hand opening doors
This product is simple to fit. There are 3 components the main box that holds the
lock and the hasp section which fits inside the box and your heavy duty block lock.

To fit you will need a 13 mm drill and a ratchet spanner it's that simple.

Position the main box on right hand door at desired height, mark the position of the
holes you want to drill. Once they are drilled fit this section to door and bolt into place
using the backing plates provided. Then close the vehicle doors mark the square cut
out on the left door.

Open the doors and position the hasp section so it fits within this square. Drill the
holes same as you do for the box section and bolt this into place again using the
backing plates. Tighten this up, shut both doors again ensuring that the box section
fits snug over the hasp section.

Open both doors and with a disc cutter or hacksaw cut the surplus bolt sections off
thus giving a nice finish internally. Shut doors once again and then place the heavy
duty block lock up inside the box and fasten through the hasp eyelet.
The Truck Box - Security Device to Lock Vehicle Doors
The Truck Box
Mobile: 07505 362303
Telephone: 01794 322011